Kurt Deimer has come a long way in less than six months. After joining forces with Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X and recording his debut EP ‘Work Hard, Rock Hard’ with Grammy-award winning engineer Chris Lord-Alge, he opened for Geoff Tate on the former Queensryche frontman’s U.S. tour last fall. Now, after being a featured member of the Stowaways on the Shiprocked cruise this January and performing alongside artists including Nita Strauss, Bumblefoot, P.O.D.’s Sonny Sandoval and Bad Brains’ HR, he's set to be direct support for Yngwie Malmsteen on the guitar legend’s upcoming North American tour (see tour dates here)   
“Pure unadulterated rock and roll,” is how Deimer describes the aforementioned EP. “Our style, our voice, it comes after you with the propensity to think about what my lyrics are saying as the melodies and riffs pull you in. I love the whole album. Every damn song. It’s a curated rock and roll adventure, done in our style.”    Deimer has found a great bandmate in long-time Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X. “I think he is one of the best guitarists in the world. We vibe together. We are on the same page and same mission to rock the world for the rest of our lives, and we are bros and great friends to boot. We both say how blessed we are to have found each other.”   Phil X and Chris Lord-Alge will join Kurt Deimer on an Instagram Live event Wednesday, February 16, at 4pm PST / 7pm EST, live from Lord-Alge’s Mix LA recording studio, where Deimer is recording new music. Join the event from Kurt’s Instagram account (@KurtDeimer), where the three will be fielding questions and diving into their recording process.     Starting on April 29 in Harrisburg, PA, the frontman and his band will be direct support on Yngwie Malmsteen’s spring tour. “It’s very surreal, it’s an honor,” says Deimer. “Yngwie is a guitar master, and we will do him justice. We bring passion and expression, and we are always playing as if we are headlining Madison Square Garden - we want to blow your mind and take you on a full out, in your face, rock and roll journey. When you see our band, we are bringing rock and roll with style and flare. No time to sit still.”   The future for Deimer is extremely bright. “We are going to keep writing great rock and roll songs and performing live as much as we can. I just finished production on my first ‘Hellbilly Hollow’ movie, which will hopefully come out in late 2021, and am getting ready to shoot and star in the next film in the franchise. I was inspired to start my own horror franchise after being killed by Michael Myers in the 2018 release of ‘Halloween,’ where I played a gas station attendant. He messed me up! I just love collaborating with other artists and creating a future that is trippy and leaves you wondering what Kurt Deimer is going to do next… I’m a firm believer in keeping my family together, and when people come to see us, we are just that - a family. A fellowship. A tight knit group all on one mission.”