Kurt Deimer has released his new single, "Hero", and BraveWords is premiering the music video for the song. Watch below.

About the video, Deimer states: "My creative film partner and director Paul Boyd came to hang at my Cincinnati studio compound and while he was there I said, “We have to shoot a video for our new single ‘Hero’, and we don’t have much time.“ Just like real life heroes don’t have much time to react when they help others, we reacted quickly and shot my footage in front of my green screen. I told Paul that I wanted the video to focus on real life heroes, which you see throughout the video, some current and some mixed from history. We shot Phil X with me in L.A. a week later before he left for the Bon Jovi tour, and our producer Chris Lord-Alge even showed up for a cameo! Heroes are on call 24/7, and we wanted our video to have that same vibe. We show the heroes in color and the performance video of me, Phil X and Chris Lord-Alge in black and white - we’re the same color as newspaper print, and we are telling the story… The story of heroes."